It doesn’t take much.

A kind word. A supportive nod. A friendly smile.

It really doesn’t take much.

Unless you’re made of steel and have confidence streaming from every pore, you might need a boost every once in awhile. A glimmer of hope. Encouragement.

Maybe you’re feeling like a failure. Maybe nobody has noticed, let alone commented on, the children’s book you wrote and are so proud of.

Maybe you’re feeling unwanted. Maybe nobody asks for your opinion or even calls just to chat.

Maybe you’re feeling like a poser. Those paintings you worked so hard on are sitting in the basement collecting dust.

Maybe you just want to curl up under your quilt and watch Netflix all day. Maybe nobody would notice your absence.

Then somebody smiles warmly at you in the grocery store. Then a coworker tells you they liked something you wrote for work. Then someone stops to look at your painting at the outdoor art market and says, “Beautiful.”

Lo and behold, the next morning you start a new painting or sit down to write the next installment in your book series. But most of all, you can’t wait to go out into the world to spread your own warm smiles.

It doesn’t take much.


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